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Criminology & Archaeology

True Crime, Ground Penetrating Radar, Forensic Archaeology 

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Book cover showing a gravel driveway, murder scene vehicle, a gate  and scrub. The title is Inconceivable Malice by Louise Steding. True Crime.

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Forensic advances and their integration into Australia's police force throughout the 19th Century.

Australia's oldest unsolved case. Using 19th Century forensics to gain insight into what really happened

A detailed look at the murder of travellers along Queensland's highways of death in the 1970s.

A fieldtrip of discovery in a cemetery. What can we see through different lenses?

An easy read on forensic archaeological methods in Australia with examples from the author's work.

Available August 2023

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Near completion

est. 2023      Inconceivable Malice. Profiling the Killer of Shirley Collins. Cold Case.

est. 2024      By Fire and Stone. Murder of the McAskills at Booral Whatf. Cold Case.




2023      Under Lens and Radar. Hartley Vale Cemetery. In Focus Press.


2021      Roads to Nowhere. Queensland, 1970s. In Focus Press and Cold Case.


2021      Forensic Archaeology. In the Search for Missing Persons. In Focus Press and Cold Case.


2016     Forensics and Police through Time. Australia in Context. In Focus Press.

2016     Death on Night Watch. Constable Joseph Looker. In Focus Press.

2009     Development on the Fringe of Early Parramatta at 60 Campbell Street. In Casey, M. and Hendrickson, G. (eds.) Breaking the Shackles, Historic Lives in Parramatta's Archaeological Landscape. Parramatta City Council.


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1997     Gräberfelder der Schnurkeramik und der Aunjetitzer Kultur auf dem Allstedter Mühlberg bei Haindorf. Ausgrabungen und Funde im Freistaat Thüringen. Heft 2. Stuttgart, Konrad Theiss Verlag GmbH. pp.14-20. (‘Schnurkeramik and Aunjetitzer Burial Grounds on the Allstedter Mühlberg near Haindorf’).


1997     Friedhöfe aus dem dritten Jahrtausend. Archäologie in Deutschland. Heft 4. Stuttgart, Konrad Theiss Verlag GmbH. pp55-56 (‘Burial grounds by Haindorf, Weimar’, c.3500BP).


1997     Bavin-Steding, L. und Walter, D.  Jungsteinzeitliche Erdwerke im Weimarer Land. Weimarer  Heimat. Natur Geschichte Kultur im Weimarer Land.  Erfurt: VHT Verlaghaus Thüringen. pp.23-26. (‘Late Neolithic Causewayed Enclosures in Weimar’).


1997     Interessanter Blick in die steinzeitliche Vergangenheit nahe Krautheim. Gemeindejournal der Thüringer Kommunen. Ausgabe 8. Daasdorf, Ludwig Haase Druck. pp.9-10. (‘Interesting View into the Stone Age near Krautheim’)


1996     Crime and Confinement, the Origins of Prisons in Western Australia. Perth: Stone's Publishing.


1996     Bavin-Steding, L. und Müller, J.  Fundplätze an der geplanten Schnellbahnstrecke, Erfurt-Halle / Leipzig. ERFEGAU mbH.  Erfurt. pp.2-3. (‘Sites along the fast train route Erfurt to Leipzig’)


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1990     Fremantle Prison Conservation and Future Use. Archaeological Excavations in the Prison Compound. Building Management Authority of Western Australia, Perth.


1990     Fremantle Prison Conservation and Future Use. Archaeological Zoning Plan of the Prison Compound. Building Management Authority of Western Australia, Perth.


1989     Behind the Facade: The expression of status and class in material culture. The Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology.  Volume 7. The Australian Society of Historical Archaeology. pp.16-22.


1989     A Healthy Outlook: Royal Perth Hospital Museum. Museums West. Journal of the Western Australian Branch.  Volume 2. Museums Association of Australia. pp.26-27.

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