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Under Lens and Radar

Under Lens and Radar


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  • Under Lens and Radar

    Steding and Steding (2022). 

    Photographic information and ground penetrating radar survey can provide a very different picture of early cemeteries than that perceived by the visiting public. Hartley Vale Cemetery is one of the earliest cemeteries in New South Wales. Exploring its past, the authors looked beneath its headstones and surface depressions. This book is about their survey and interpretation of radar images, enhancing the legibility of worn headstones through shadow, and their revival of historical photographs to reconstruct the past. As the investigation progressed, methodological challenges for the radar and camera emerged as the authors sought to answer questions unfolding from the photographic and physical records.

  • Specifications


    Perfect Bound,  

    B5 (182mm by 257mm),  

    118 pages,  

    Colour pictures throughout. 


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