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Gerald Steding is our licensed drone operator

Drone provides aerial views from which we can identify possible burials and then clear the ground area around them.

A possible burial is shown in the above image. Note the target points for ground mapping precision.

Ground detail photographed or videoed is shot in high resolution.

Refer to our cemetery work at:

High resolution detailed drone images are also used for photogrammetry in our mapping of cemeteries. This involves hundreds of images taken over a virtual grid with ground targets.


Radargrams and Lidar


Our findings are interpreted from radargrams. Verification is required for court purposes.

This is a later step which may or may not involve exhumation. Both approaches have been applied by Dr L. Steding.

A creek is shown to the right in the image below.

At least three individuals are represented in the radargram above.

Lidar Images

Lidar images strip vegetation and structures to show underlying topography. The image above shows roads, building foundations, pits, a creek, and other features. Subtle differences appear with changes in light directions.

To the right, the lidar image shows the underlying topography of bushland beside a creek. Lidar images are also particularly useful if searching for mine shafts. 


The plan above has been created by Gerald Steding using drone, total station, early maps, and historic photographs. Each offers layers of information and together they can be used to corroborate detail or refute interpretation (including the data from radargrams) .

For mapping and primary research, refer to our cemetery work at



A little white coffin with Aboriginal flag and flowers. Coffin of Baby Michael Nicholls.

Grave Injustice by SBS and the Gumbangerri family

The Graves of our Forebearers

By L. & G. Steding for
The Hill End and Tambaroora Gathering Group


Newcastle News reports on the murder of the McAskills at Booral Wharf.

ABC QSC3 image.JPG

ABC  report

on work at: 

Quarantine Station Cemetery ABC Video.mp4

Cold Case Field Trip

By L. & G. Steding for
Swinburne University Students 

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