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Forensic Archaeology

Forensic Archaeology is a specialised area that deals with the search and recovery of deceased persons and associated potential evidence should a crime have been committed.

Words cold case in metallic font print with handcuffs and chain. Silver. Designed by Louise Steding.

Dr Louise Steding combines criminology and forensic archaeology in search and recovery methods. Her work involves landscape modification recognition, interview transcript analysis, use of ground penetrating radar, excavation method selection, and human bone recognition. 

Forensic Archaeology in the Search for Missing Persons
by Dr Louise Steding

A book cover showing a skeleton and a ground penetrating radar.. Forensic archaeology in the Search for Missing Persons. Use of ground penetrating radar. Search techniques. Excavation of skeletal remains. Cold cases. Skeletal remains in grave. Human remains.

Published in 2021, Louise is the author of Forensic Archaeology in the Search for Missing Persons, in which she combines her knowledge, experiences, and skills. Her focus is on the adaptation of search techniques, excavation methods, sieving, and soil sampling of clandestine burials

In particular, Louise has excavated some fifty skeletonised individuals. She has also had success in identifying the locations of three missing persons, as well as uncovering tyre marks and bullets in a separate events.

Whether recovery is in bushland, on the beach or in Rookwood Cemetery Dr Steding assists police, health officials and / or families by liaising, advising, and writing methodologies appropriate to circumstances and upholding standards of her profession. 

Please note: No skeletal remains on this website are from Aboriginal people nor are they recent in nature. Photographs of human bone on this site date from the 17th Century to 5500 years ago, are European in geographic origin and originate from the work of Dr Steding.

Forensic archaeologist and police digging a hole in sand on a beach in search of a missing person. Ground penetrating radar is in the background on the beach. Waves are rolling onto the shore.
Forensic archaeologist using trowel to see soil profile. The deposit is sand. She is wearing an Akubra hat and is using a trowel.
Police sieving soil in search of human remains, bullets, or other evidence about a missing person. They are wearing police uniforms and are standing under a blue tent.
Forensic archaeologist using a ground penetrating radar to search for a clandestine grave beside bushland in Australia. The radar is being used on green grass.
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